NYKY is an italian fashion company founded in Treviso in 2008, thanks to the passion of Michela and Alessandro Biasotto and the experience they had garnered in fashion.
Michela was born in Montebelluna, a small town in Northern Italy famous for the production of ski boots, of which her grandfather was a forerunner.
She began her career in fashion working for various international groups in the industry.
During one of her professional experiences she met Alessandro, a young entrepreneur who left for Paris at 18 years old, who in the meantime had succeeded in making his mark in the retail industry as an affiliate of a major company in the textile-fashion industry.

Over the years the couple developed many Italian brands in France, opening several mono brand stores and making retail their strong point.
In 2000, with the collaboration of their partners in Padua, Alessandro and Michela began distributing international brands for the Italian and European market.

After this vital experience abroad, in 2002 they decided to return to Italy and focus their energy on an Italian distribution company.

In 2008 the decision was made to open the NYKY company and create the first proprietary brand: Momonì.
At first the brand was exclusively lingerie, then with much public approval, it became a collection replete with sophisticated aesthetic, expressing an unprecedented combination of comfort and class and leading to a new dimension of modern and contemporary luxury.

Emboldened with great entrepreneurial spirit, Alessandro and Michela immediately saw the potential for a collection dedicated to the modern woman: the woman who always wants to feel comfortable, who works, travels and enjoys taking care of her family at the same time.

In 2011, the first Momonì boutique opened in the heart of Paris, at Number 36, Rue Etienne Marcel.

In 2010, as full of energy as ever and seeking new inspiration, the couple created the second women’s brand, Attic and Barn, and in 2012, the first Momonì concept store in Italy opened in Padua.
These were followed by Momonì boutique openings in Bologna, Verona, Vicenza, Milan, Treviso and Florence. The very first franchise boutique was inaugurated in 2021 in Naples on Via Carducci, the fashion hub of the city.

In 2016, NYKY launched a third proprietary brand: OOF. An innovative brand of multicolour reversible jackets for men and women.

In 2018 Momonì opened a second boutique in Paris at Number 27, Rue Saint Sulpice, two corners at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche and one corner at Coin Excelsior – City Life Shopping District of Milan and the first boutique in Rome at Via di Campo Marzio 81/83.

In the same year OOF WEAR opened the shop online: oofwear.com.

In 2019 Momonì opened the third boutique in Paris at 108, Rue Vielle du Temple, the second boutique in Rome at 166, Via del Babuino and the first boutique in Lyon at 16 bis, Rue Gasparin.

In 2020 Momonì launched its online store at www.momoni.it.

In 2021 Momonì confirms its presence, together with new-comer, Attic and Barn, at La Rinascente in Milan e Roma Tritone.

That same year, the first Momoni boutique also opened in Madrid at Calle De Claudio Coello 35. The brand’s presence in Spain was greatly strengthened by new concessions at El Corte Ingles department stores in Madrid, Valencia, Palma de Mallorca and Marbella.
In France, the new Nice boutique opened and the brand’s presence in French department stores like Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Printemps is also expanding.
In terms of online presence, Momonì is currently sold on the prestigious 24S and www.galerieslafayette.com.

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Alessandro and Michela Biasotto.

NYKY Headquarter – Treviso

Showroom Treviso