A homage to the sea and a quest for a new equilibrium between creativity and environmental responsibility gives rise to an exotic voyage teeming with natural allure and seduction, which finds its ultimate berth in the Momonì SS23 collection. An Eden where the mind wanders amidst the murmur of waves and the silhouettes of islands that tenderly welcome the need for wellbeing and lightness shaped by the brand in the wake of a single lodestar: its prints.


Indeed, it is patterns that epitomise the Momonì mood, embellishing soft, fluid textures, characterising the delicate and identity-defining outlines of key wardrobe pieces, working their magic with dreamlike colour combinations. Playful little monkeys hide camouflaged in a tropical forest on relaxed trouser suits, kaleidoscopic florals pattern sensual seventiesstyle one-shoulder dresses, while hues of dawn and water explode in spectacular drawstring dresses, nude-effect slips and close-fitting pants.


The mood is relaxed, the approach chic and the femininity remains centre stage, intensified with exotic flowers and botanical motifs to find utter harmony with nature.


“As we wait for the wind to change, because it always does sooner or later after a storm, we contemplate the horizon, where the sea meets the sky, and we feel emotionally stronger not only as individuals, but also in our union with others”, says Momonì Creative Director, Michela Klinz.

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