Traveling is part of our lives and today, in a period of severe restrictions, it has become a difficult undertaking.

The desire to broaden our horizons and explore unknown lands has always been a primordial and vital instinct for man in every era and every evolutionary journey around the world is important not just for the destination but for the journey itself.

This opens up new opportunities and new out-of-the-box scenarios in an ideal union between Nature and Technology. In an augmented virtual reality, we can be quantum travellers and like an avatar go through multiple places at the same time, experiencing different emotions with the images and photos that scroll past us.

We can live a metamorphosis between bewitching digital worlds, immersed in an eccentric and unusual nature. This lead to a wonderful cultural, illuminating adventure, which inspires a collection to be enjoyed every day, both inside and outside, with a spirit of joyful seduction and contemporary, comfortable allure.