Tribute to the Tribes


The Momonì Spring Summer 2024 collection has been conceived as an illustrated diary evoking a real and a metaphysical journey encountering the different ethnicities of Africa, for whom the horizons are vast and boundless.

It is a tribute to the creativity of the African peoples, in particular to the art of weaving, to their colourful fabrics and prints, characterised by abstract geometric forms interwoven with symbolism and mythology, and to their bright hues reverberating under the warm African sun.

This is an initiatory journey, reinterpreted with a new futuristic look, brimming with new luminescence and metallic effects, like a mirage in the desert that gradually changes and transforms, amidst the queens of the Sahara and the authentic tribes of the Black continent, with their strong sense of identity.

The slow pace imposed by the climate and by tradition knows no hurry; man and the landscape form an inseparable and balanced whole, identifying with one another in harmony with nature and the cosmos.

Modernity blends with tradition in an aesthetic that enhances and mixes traditional manual and artisanal decorative techniques, involving mineral and vegetable materials, with new three-dimensional effects inherent in the fabrics.

Fascinating tribal prints transport us to distant lands, in harmony with the earth and in connection with our deepest ancestral roots.

The motif on every fabric becomes a message that the wearer chooses to convey; every colour reproduces a mood, a state of mind.

All that remains is to be carried away and entranced by a collection that offers a contemporary interpretation of Karen Blixen’s love of “mixing African stories with a Western style”.

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