Following the global crisis and its doubts and uncertainties, we are trying to restore a balance and understand what we can change in our lives to find the coordinates of happiness and well-being.
With new awareness, we realize the growing need for security and protection and try to reconcile it with the desire for adventure and freedom in Nature’s open spaces.
We need to reconsider the way we live together and the impact our choices have on the future of our planet.
Inspiration for the new AW mood arose from these thoughts, with the idea of an active and solitary journey on the road, in “van life” style, through relaxing Nordic landscapes, exploring unknown and less frequented destinations.

We rediscover the enchantment of Nature in everyday life, soaking in the hot springs, witnessing the magical northern lights, picking wild fruits in the woods and observing its small inhabitants.
A journey in a hygge atmosphere, where the enjoyment of simple things has a therapeutic effect on body and mind, and which leads us, at its end, to reconnect with a new harmony, to celebrate together in an authentic, warm and sparkling Christmas aura.

Momonì’s AW 22/23 collection is designed to be versatile, following the stages of a journey in a relaxing atmosphere, with comfy-chic apparel suitable for the harshest winters, with softer total looks with functional elegance.

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