Attic and Barn’s Spring Summer 2023 collection is inspired by the art of David Hockney, with his abstract modernist style in which flat but hyper-realistic human figures stand out against the sharp lines of buildings in an optimistic explosion of dazzling colour.


The result is a joyful, relaxed collection, free and sensual, combining a pastel colour palette with pop graphics in a game of reverberation that makes them more attractive than ever, in which beauty succeeds in reconciling art with fashion, daring with the bold colours and wild combinations characteristic of the British pop artist’s poetic swimming pool paintings.


With an overdose of colour, pointing the way to a style that enchants with shades of blue recalling the surface of water, hypnotic and unexpected in trench coats and pencil skirts, culminating in cobalt blue ruffles on mini-dresses and cropped shirts.

The colour palette then ventures into bright hues of orange, reflecting the vitamin-packed hues of the afternoon sun in optical and floral prints to explode in positive vibes on t-shirts and trousers.

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