An imaginary garden such as you’ve never seen before, this is the inspiration for the new FW24 collection, in which the sounds of nature and a refined range of colours evoke enchanting fantasies to captivate all who pass through it.

It is a visual spectacle that represents an aesthetic of fluid spirits, of poetic and romantic nostalgia, revealing feminine strength and the refined beauty of art nouveau.

The tones are dusty,  varying from pink to blue, lilac and finally to jade. Pastels then blend with dark ochre and more intense hints of exotic wood. Pale, velvety yellow delicately reflects a digital light.

From the enchantment of light and colour, this wonderful space slips into a magical romanticism, a triumph of decoration and ornamentation: embroidery, gravure prints of hummingbirds and exotic nature overlap with liberty wallpapers, reinforced pastels and shiny jacquard fabrics. Precious linens and light silk chiffons mix masterfully with everything, giving life to a new sophisticated universe subject to the laws of enchantment.

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